Worldwide Express
Friday One-on-One (SM / Rep)


  • To examine the results of the week to identify areas to focus on for incremental

  • To establish a plan for the following week that assures sufficient activity to meet or
    exceed quota targets and/or sales rep's goals.

Sales Rep Responsibility

  • Bring to the meeting the following material
  1. Week's Schedule for the week just completed
  2. Monday Call Tracker
  3. Daily Tracking Sheets for Tue - Fri
  4. Week's Schedule for the upcoming week

  • Identify an area for improvement that the Sales Manager can assist with by role playing
    and coaching.  This should be evident from the Sales Quotient statistics, or specific
    challenges faced in the field.

Sales Manager's Responsibility

  • Prepare for the meeting by reviewing the Sales Rep's funnel in ACT, identifying any
    prospect that has been in the funnel for more than 4 weeks.  The rep should be
    instructed to inactivate the prospect unless a valid reason can be given.

  • Review the Week's Schedule versus the actual data captured on the tracking sheets.  
    Scrutinize how well the rep did in adhering to his/her plan.

  • Review the Week's Schedule for next week.  Has the rep budgeted enough activity to
    meet his/her goals?  Is the schedule realistic?  Can the schedule be changed in anyway
    to make it more efficient?  Given the health of the reps funnel, is the activity identified
    suitable to maintain the Sales Quotient equilibrium?

  • Review the Activation Log.  What accounts have not yet activated, and why?  What
    course of action is required to activate unactivated accounts?

  • Review financial impact of current performance to quota and relative to any ongoing
    sales contests.

  • Roll play or coach on area of improvement.